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"While in Turkey, you did not condemn the murder of Armenian children by Erdogan."

"While in Turkey, you did not condemn the murder of Armenian children by Erdogan." Babukhanyan answered Zelensky

"Today, President of Ukraine Zelensky wrote a response to Moscow Armenian Director Sarik Andreasyan on his Facebook page. Zelensky denies Andreasyan's accusations that Ukraine supplied phosphorous bombs to Azerbaijan. Moreover, he claims that this is false information that is constantly being spread about Ukraine and, according to the Ukrainian-Maidan tradition, accuses the Russians of throwing this "false" information into the information field.

However, it should be said that regardless of whether the Ukrainians transferred phosphorus bombs to Azerbaijan or not, the issue does not really change, because recently, as for decades, as during the first Artsakh war, the Ukrainians delivered a lot of weapons to Azerbaijan, and one type of weapon more or less - in this case, it does not fundamentally change the problem. Moreover, in parallel with the supply of weapons, Ukraine has always and unequivocally supported Azerbaijan's militarism and aggressive actions in the political sphere. So no matter how much Zelensky tries to pretend to be naive and ignorant, there are facts that are indisputable. One of these facts is that both during the April 2016 aggression of Azerbaijan against Artsakh and during the clashes on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in July this year, Ukraine was one of the few countries that unequivocally supported Azerbaijan.

As for the spread of false news in the information space, Ukraine is one of the Champions and spreads lies about everyone whose political or ideological views do not coincide with the Bender ideology of Ukraine. I say this not only after I have repeatedly encountered false Ukrainian propaganda, for example, about Crimea, but also about me personally, the Ukrainian Pro-government media tell so many lies, fabrications and falsifications that when Zelensky speaks about fair and truthful information, we understand how unfounded his words are.

First of all. Zelensky says that Ukraine opposes any bloody conflicts and does not support escalation.

But during the Turkish-Azerbaijani-Idlib aggression, when Ukraine's allies committed genocide in Artsakh, Zelensky visited Ankara on October 16 and there, during talks with his older brother Erdogan (whom he sees very often), never called for an end to aggression against Armenians, to stop bombing Armenian cities and villages, to stop the transfer of terrorists to the war zone, etc.while In Turkey, Mr. Zelensky, you did not condemn the murder of Armenian children by Erdogan. At a time when the Turks were destroying our cities and villages, you were negotiating with Erdogan, which resulted in the signing of agreements on military cooperation between Kiev and Ankara. Who is this dirty collaboration against? And after that, you still talk about high matters?

Moreover, according to Zelensky, he invited Erdogan to participate in the negotiation platform on Crimea, and the Turkish President expressed readiness to support the new negotiation framework.

"I invited Turkey to join the Crimean platform. This is a tool for protecting the rights of Crimeans and unblocking the Peninsula. Thank you, Mr. President, for your willingness to be an active participant," he said.

Earlier, Zelensky said that Turkey can play a significant role in the return of Crimea to Ukraine, so Kiev intends to offer Ankara to participate in the Crimean platform. Erdogan said that Ankara is ready to participate in the platform for "unblocking" the "occupied" Crimea. The Turkish side intends to take an active part in the negotiation process.

Secondly. Zelensky notes that they are immune to false information. I don't know what right he has to speak on behalf of Europe, but he claims that Europe also has this immunity. Moreover, Zelensky allows himself to teach Armenians that we should also have this immunity. First of all, we must tell Mr. Zelensky that we have long known how Ukrainian-Turkish false propaganda supports Azerbaijan, and we have acquired such immunity that we can recognize how much their false words contradict their actions. As for Europe, Zelensky should be concerned that Europe is considering depriving Ukraine of the main achievement of its Maidan - the ability to visit Europe without a visa. This is because the words and deeds of the Ukrainian political leadership contradict each other, moreover, they contradict European traditional values. And since Europe knows how to distinguish false words from vile deeds, it is now discussing how to punish Ukraine. Europe is also thinking about how to punish Zelensky's older brother Erdogan for unleashing a terrorist war in Europe.

Thirdly. Zelensky says that the task of all cultural figures is to help resolve crises, not to develop contradictions. It would be right if Zelensky said these words to some cultural figures inside his country who call for the occupation of the Donbass and Crimea with weapons and fire, as Azerbaijan does.

Fourthly. Zelensky for some reason repeatedly stressed that Ukraine has a large Armenian community. What does the Armenian community living in Ukraine have to do with the topic under discussion? However, from time to time, the Ukrainian leadership begins to raise this issue unnecessarily. In response, we can say that Ukrainians also live in Armenia. And if Zelensky raises the issue of national identity, then the Jew Zelensky can be reminded that there are also Jews in Armenia, noting that both Ukrainians and Jews are an important, respected and integral part of Armenian society and will be so regardless of the position of the Ukrainian leadership on geopolitical, humanitarian and other issues in our region.

For some reason, when addressing the Armenians, Zelensky asks questions about the war in the Donbas, but this war began when the population of the Donbass, mostly Russian, did not want to submit to the Bandera people who seized power in Kiev. And the latter, instead of finding a common language with the national minority of the country, unleashed a brutal war on the instructions of their Soros masters. So, Mr. Zelensky, your questions about the war in the Donbas are inappropriate. Moreover, the aggressive manifestations of the Ukrainian leadership in relation to the Donbass and Crimea, calls for war and violent actions, blockade, etc. they show that the worldview of the Ukrainian leadership is not much different from the anti-human mentality of Erdogan and Aliyev. They cannot imagine that there can be people, peoples who do not want to give in to colonial claims, who want to live freely on their land and in accordance with their national values and traditions. And the Erdogan-Aliyevs and others like them do not even realize that in such cases, one should not try to destroy such peoples, but should follow international law, negotiate and find a formula of mutual respect that will allow for peace.

Finally, I would like to note that the Ukrainian authorities opened a criminal case against me only because I insisted and continue to insist that the people of Crimea, like Artsakh, have the right to self-determination, that the colonial times are long gone, and that the Crimean people, like the people of Artsakh, expressed their will in accordance with international law. And since your state, Mr. Zelensky, by spreading false and misleading rumors about me and instituting criminal proceedings against me, is trying to persecute me for telling this truth, all your words about honesty, justice and other important categories are not even worth the paper on which they are written. In the end, I only agree with one of your phrases: "morals should not be double: for yourself and for others," but I redirect your own words to you."

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