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Sergey Aksenov addressed to the heads of Parliaments of some Italian regions.

Dear Friends!

The head of the Republic of Crimea S. Aksenov expressed his support for the Italian people,which today are suffering more than other countries from the coronations epidemic.

We public text of S. Aksenov`s address.

Dear citizens of Italy!

Let me express on behalf of myself and of the multinational people of Crimea, our deepest condolences to the families, relat

ives and friends who suffered the loss of the inhabitants of your region because of the pandemic that has swept Italy.

Today, the Italian nation demonstrates strength and dedication to survive in such a difficult humanitarian and economic situation.

We are proud of the fact that it was Russia which gave a hand of help to the fraternal Italian people, remembering that despite the hysteria of the USA and a number of Western countries the parliaments of Veneto, Lombardy and Liguria supported the decision of the people of Crimea on self-determination and reunification with the Russian Federation and called for the abolition of the inhumane blockade of Crimea.

Dear friends, people of Crimea stand in full solidarity with the inhabitants of your region!

We wish you to overcome the consequences of the epidemic as soon as possible, to restore the well-being and prosperity of Lombardy!

I assure you that the Republic of Crimea is ready to develop our friendly relations with your wonderful region!

Head of the Republic of Crimea S. Aksenov

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