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1. Clubs Of the international Association "Friends of Crimea" have been established in 23 countries.

2. Launched Internet portal "Friends of Crimea" - https://www.iafc-forum.com/, and created an account on Facebook. Explanatory and informational work is conducted, it leads to an increase a member of the social movement.

3. On January 11, 2019, Russian Ambassador to Norway T. O. Ramishvili presented the awards of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea to the members of the NGO "People's diplomacy - Norway". "The strength of friendly relations between the peoples of Russia and Norway" according the request of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia the leaders of this Norwegian public organization Hendrik Weber and Mette Rosenlund were awarded Commemorative watches by the head of the Republic of Crimea, members of the organization Mons Leah, Ana Heel, Round Schweder, Ule Bjerke, Early Tuva Jorge, Jorge, Arne and Trond Leander Eriksen were marked by the Gratitude of the head of Republic of Crimea. In a friendly atmosphere, the representatives of the organization shared their impressions about tours to Russia and Crimea, as well as future plans.

4. On January 24, 2019, the representative of the Serbian delegation to the parliamentary Assembly of Europe (PACE) Alexandar Sheshel, a member of the Serbian club “Friends of Crimea”, speaking in the Assembly hall, recognized Crimea as an integral part of Russia. “Since 2014, Crimea has been an integral part of Russia. The referendum in Crimea was a celebration of democracy, which Europe can only dream of ”,said a Serbian supporter of friendship with Russia and Crimea. For the second time, the Serbian politician made a similar speech on June 24 at the session of the parliamentary Assembly.

5. On March 29, 2019 in Tokyo at the Embassy of the Russian Federation the presentation of the documentary film prepared by the Japanese club of “Friends of Crimea” about the relations of Russia, the Crimea and Japan took place. This is the first public discussion on Crimea held in Japan. Earlier, on March 11, a joint press conference of Japanese politician Yukio Hatyama and Mitsuhiro Kimura was held, where they told some representatives of the Japanese media about their trip to Crimea.

6. In March-April 2019, events dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Crimean referendum of 2014 – the Crimean spring-were held in a number of countries with the direct support of the clubs “Friends of Crimea” (China, Slovakia, Armenia, Norway and Bulgaria).

7. On March 21, 2019, members of the Association took part in the International conference «Crimea in modern geopolitics. 5 years of the Crimean spring" in the press center of the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs. Deputies of the state Duma and members of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, representatives of the State Council and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea, prominent Russian and foreign politicians, experts, scientists, representatives of the diplomatic corps and the journalistic community, as well as foreign guests, attended the conference. Special attention of the participants and listeners of the conference, who were at least three hundred people, was riveted to passionate speeches of foreign guests – the leadership and members of the International Association "Friends of Crimea". The Chairman of the Association Jan Charnogursky (Slovakia), his deputies Unver

SEL (Turkey) and Abdelaziz Messaoudi (Tunisia) expressed their solidarity with the legitimate choice of Crimean in favor of Russia. The gathered representatives of legislative and Executive authorities, politicians, scientists, international experts, members of the International Association "Friends of Crimea" from the whole world expressed their conviction in the need to stabilize international relations; stop the escalation of the conflict over the legitimate decision of the Crimean’s to withdraw their Autonomous Republic from the Ukraine and to reunite with Russia. The participants of the conference confirmed the necessity to continue the dialogue in a variety of formats, as the most important element in foreign policy and public diplomacy.

8. On March 21, 2019, a regular meeting of the Coordination Board of the International Association "Friends of Crimea" was held in Moscow, attended by the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Crimea to the President of the Russian Federation G. L. Muradov. A report on the activities of country clubs "Friends of Crimea" and suggestions about the development of this natural tool of public diplomacy, addressed the foreign guests – members of the International Association "Friends of Crimea": Jan Carnogursky (Chairman of the Association, Slovakia), Hayk Babukhanyan (Armenia), Stefano Valdegamberi (Italy), Hendrik Weber (Norway), Detlef Wimmer (Member,Austria), Ge Zhili (Member,China), Konstantinos Isychoc (Vice-Chairman of the Association, Greece), Ivan Marazov (Member,Bulgaria), Abdelaziz Messaoudi (Vice-Chairman of the Association, Tunisia), Unver SEL (Member,Turkey).

9. In April 2019, most members of the Association took part in the V anniversary Yalta international economic forum (YIEF). In 2019, the theme of one of the most prestigious business events in Russia was formulated as “Peace. Russia. Crimea. New world reality”. In 2019, 4564 people took part in the forum - one and a half times more than a year ago. YIEF welcomed 807 foreign delegates from 89 countries, including Italy, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, USA, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, China, India, Nicaragua, Ukraine and others. As a part of the official program of YIEF-2019, a meeting of the international Association "Friends of Crimea" was held, during which issues related to objective coverage in foreign media of information about Crimea, promotion of the theme of recognizing the legitimacy of the reunification of Crimea with Russia and combating illegal sanctions policy were considered. Members of the Association spoke at other sessions of the forum.

10. In June 2019, the information center of the Republic of Crimea was opened in Beijing with the assistance of the Chinese club of friends of Crimea.

11. In June 2019, representatives of the Serbian, Greek and Armenian club of friends of Crimea took part in the conference "Crimea and international cultural cooperation", which was held within the framework of the traditional festival of ancient culture "Bosporus agony". Speakers of the national clubs “Friends of Crimea” noted that today Kerch is a city of a huge variety of cultures and traditions, where people of more than 100 nationalities live. In the resolution of the conference, they made the inclusion of historical and cultural sites of Crimea in the list of monuments of cultural heritage of UNESCO, as well as the holding next year of the conference of ancient cities.

12. In August 2019, according the invitation of the "League of friends of Abkhazia" Association, members of the Association participated in the elections of the President of Abkhazia as observers. During the trip, the NGO "League of friends of Abkhazia" and the international Association "Friends of Crimea" signed a cooperation agreement in Sukhumi on Saturday. The Chairman of the coordinating Board “Friends of Crimea” Jan Charnogursky and the head of the League of friends of Abkhazia Astamur Logua signed the document. The agreement is aimed at expanding trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian relations between Abkhazia and Crimea

13. In September 2019, at the initiative of the Armenian club “Friends of Crimea” (Hayk Babukhanyan), “ Days of Armenian culture in Crimea” were successfully held in three cities - Feodosia, Alushta and Simferopol. They were attended by public figures, scientists, masters of Art from Armenia, Rostov region and Moscow.

14. In September 2019, a delegation from Greece headed by the Deputy Chairman of the coordinating Board of the Association K. Isychos visited the Peninsula to make a documentary film about the centuries-old history of the relations between Crimea and Greece. Representatives of the Greek club of friends of Crimea took part in an international conference at the Crimean Federal University, in numerous information events, visited places related to the historical and cultural heritage of the Greeks, collecting material for the future film.

15. At the end of September 2019, representatives of the national clubs “Friends of Crimea” from Greece, Turkey and Slovakia (Yanis Rachitios, Unver SEL and Jan Charnogursky) supported the Crimean’s, speaking at the annual meeting on the" human dimension " of the OSCE in Warsaw, as well as taking part in a thematic event on the sidelines of the pan-European forum. In their speeches, they spoke about violations of the rights of the Crimean, the continuation of the policy of sanctions destabilizing relations on the European continent and human rights violations against the national Diasporas of Crimea.

16. On October 12, 2019, Yerevan (Armenia) hosted the presentation of the book "Warriors of Armenia in the liberation of Crimea", published with the support of the Armenian club of friends of Crimea. Ambassadors of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan attended the presentation.

17. In October 2019, during the visit of people's diplomats from Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and the United States, the presentation of the book by the head of the delegation, the head of the organization «People’s diplomacy. Norway "Hendrik Weber «Our Crimea". Weber wrote the book after several visits to the Peninsula, during which he called Crimea a legitimate part of Russian territory and criticized Western sanctions imposed on Russia after reunification with the Peninsula. The annotation to the publication notes that the book addresses the following questions: «Who has the right to Crimea? What happened on the Maidan in Kiev? What is the situation in Donbas? » The published in the author's native German language book is on sale. Nowadays.

18. In October 2019, the Turkish-Crimean economic forum was held in Istanbul for the first time. At the forum, organized with the assistance of the Crimean development Fund, the center for export, import and investment in the development of natural resources of the southern Federal district of the Russian Federation, the holding "Görev", as well as the Turkish branch Of the international Association "Friends of Crimea", business representatives exchanged views on issues from different spheres, from agriculture to tourism, from construction to energy. Speaking at the opening of the forum, the Chairman of the Crimean development Fund Unver SEL (Unver Sel) stressed that the Turkish-Crimean economic forum is held for the first time and the expansion of trade between Turkey and Crimea will play an important role in achieving the goal — to increase trade between Turkey and Russia to $ 100 billion. Reporting on Ukraine's attempts to prevent the forum Unver Sel, noted that the Ukrainian Embassy in Turkey made efforts to prevent the development of the relations between Turkey and Crimea.

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