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One more actual thing from Norway

At the beginning of December, the US think tank Atlantic Council published a document named The Kremlin's Trojan Horses 3.0. The report will provide an overview of the cooperation and influence that Russia and the Kremlin exert in different countries to influence all areas of society.

Report 3.0 addresses the countries Netherlands and Scandinavia (without Finland) and receives help from well-known journalists from Mainstream Media. For Norway, the situation has been analyzed by TV2 journalist and foreign reporter, Øystein Bogen.

On page 21, our organisation "Folkediplomati Norge» (People's Diplomacy Norway) is also mentioned. «The embassy has publicly endorsed and promoted Norwegian grassroots organizations that hew to a strong pro-Russia line. One such group, People’s Diplomacy—Norway, has made several high-profile trips to occupied Crimea and served as a self- appointed observer during Russia’s March 2018 presidential election.»

I find it gratifying that our work is noticed and sees it as an honor to be listed with our association. Otherwise, what is written in the report is anti-Russian propaganda that we daily read and hear from our media.

Hendrik Weber


People's Diplomacy Norway

* Link to the original publication: https://www.folkediplomati.com/l/utmerkelse-fra-krim/

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