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Famous Italian journalist, politician and public figure Giulietto Chiesa passed away. He was 79. The fact of death was confirmed by close relatives of the journalist. They reported that Chiesa suffered a heart attack.

Giulietto Chiesa was a great friend of Russia, he did a lot to establish relations of the two countries.

Being a talented, unusual and active person, Giulietto Chiesa has passed a difficult life and creative path. He devoted a lot of energy and energy to his favorite work — journalism and literature. His outstanding, vivid publicistic works have earned the well-deserved love and deep respect of many people, both in his native Italy and abroad.

Chiesa, as a journalist, as an observant and thoughtful person, always felt the nerve of the era keenly, not afraid to go across the dominant trend. He never changed his beliefs, even at a time when it was deeply unfashionable and reprehensible. This in my opinion, was one of the most important and valuable human qualities – honesty and sincerity. There was no contradiction between real feelings and how they were expressed and presented to others. This is a rare quality for a politician and public figure. Chiesa has always consistently advocated objectivity and truth.

Part of this truth was his attitude to the choice of the people of Crimea in favor of independence and reunification with their historical homeland – Russia. Today there are more and more politicians and public figures in Europe and other countries of the world who openly hold similar views on the events of the Crimean spring and relations with Russia. Therefore, we are doubly saddened by the loss of our close friend and comrade!

The passing of this great man is an irreparable loss for all honest people on earth.

His memory will always be in our hearts. We will miss Giulietto Chiesa!

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