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Friends of Crimea Club opens in Argentina

Argentinian Friends of Crimea Club was established on July 26 in the Russian center of science and culture (RCSC) in Buenos Aires, whose representatives will be engaged in the development of social and cultural relations between Argentina and the Republic of Crimea. This event will bring our compatriots objective information about the events.

Members of the club plan to meet several times a year in the "House of Russia" building in Buenos Aires and will hold various cultural events there.

Director of the Business and Cultural center of the Republic of Crimea in Moscow Yaroslav Ivanchenko noted that Friends of Crimea clubs as a division of the International Association "Friends of Crimea" have been functioning since the establishment of the Association in 2017. Currently the clubs exist in more than 30 countries. These clubs were created to promote the interests of Crimea and popularize information about the Crimean referendum that led to the reunification of Crimea with Russia, and also about the development of the Crimean economy, improving the quality of life of the people of the Peninsula.

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