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Friends of Crimea at the European forum “Belgrade dialogue”

On December 6th , 2019, Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, hosted a large-scale International Conference "Belgrade dialogue: for the constructive relations with Russia and recognition of the will of the people of Crimea".

About 100 people attended it from different European countries-parliamentarians, public figures, scientists, experts, journalists.

The speakers stressed that the public in their countries generally does not share the propaganda vision of the Ukrainian and Crimean events built on anti-Russian postulates.

The consolidated Euro-Atlantic line is increasingly causing skepticism and criticism not only in the pragmatic business environment, but also in the political, military, diplomatic and expert circles. All this, according to representatives of European politicians and civil society, shows the seriousness and sustainability of the request for normalization of relations with Russia and Europe.

As a result of the conference, a resolution was adopted in support of the free democratic choice made by the people of Crimea, as well as a call for urgent measures to restore relations with Russia and to hold a new pan-European conference on security and cooperation on the continent.

The conference featured speeches by members of the coordinating Council "Friends of Crimea" - Jan Charnogursky, Stefano Valdegamberi, Kostantinos Isychos, Unver Sel and Hayk Babukhanyan.

During the forum, the members of the coordination Council in the mode of "brainstorming" discussed the further strategy of development of the social movement and the next year a number of specific activities aimed at strengthening ties with the Peninsula.

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