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Fakes about Crimea

Fakes about Crimea: how true are they?

Fakes about Crimea have been multiplying since the most blessed times when the Peninsula returned to Russia. The very first fake of 2014, back in spring, was video where a shell explodes on the beach with vacationers-this is the authors of this

it was stupid to say that the holiday season will be accompanied by fighting actions. But, thank God, it was from this terrible fate that Crimea was saved return to the Homeland. At the same time, unfortunately, on the Internet and in the media space

false materials about life in the Russian Crimea continue to appear.

Whose Crimea?

Without exaggeration, the fattest and most striking fake is that Crimea is Ukraine. It tries to impose its own citizens and the world this is not only the Ukrainian media environment and blogosphere, but first of all the authorities of the neighboring country, who constantly appoint officials to the Peninsula and security forces, at best settling somewhere in the area of Kherson.

It is even inconvenient to refute this fake because of its obvious absurdity.

But, nevertheless, this topic still deserves attention. Crimea - Russian software all parameters are final and irrevocable.

Question of its ownership closed permanently in 2014. Russian companies are working effectively on the Peninsula law enforcement, administrative and other structures, gradually, systematically, correcting everything that the Ukrainian government has screwed up.

Again about the Bridge

Another major fake until recently was the Crimean bridge.

Ukrainian «experts» vied with each other to say that it is impossible to build a bridge,

that this is a technically impossible task. Forgetting, it seems, to say - «for Ukraine».

Since Russia in record time first in the spring in 2018, it opened traffic on the bridge of passenger cars, in the fall of the same year year-cargo, at the end of 2019 for passenger transport was opened railway bridge, and in the summer of 2020 by rail from the continent to freight trains went to the Peninsula.

When the bridge was already built, voices began to be heard in Ukraine that about not will survive the winter that severe storms will not leave a chance for this grandiose structure. But, as we can see, this also turned out to be stupid.

Now that millions of people and thousands of tons of cargo have passed over the bridge, even the most stubborn skeptics do not try to convince readers that the bridge is supposedly drawn in photoshop.

«Killed» Crimea

One of the most popular topics is «killed» Crimea. The message is approximate

such-here pits, here an architectural monument in a terrible state, here the beach is not well-maintained, look at what Russia has turned once thriving


In fact, our wonderful Peninsula was once a thriving - if

Of the Soviet Union. More than twenty years of its own, God willing-suitable to the logical at the end of statehood, Ukraine was engaged in what it used

her inheritance. Crimea gradually decayed.

Alas, even the Soviet, which is certainly excellent - not forever and sooner or later crumbles, it is being destroyed and needs to be repaired. Not just use and extract

benefits. Ukraine obviously did not deal with the inherited treasure. Now Russia is slowly putting the Peninsula in order. Not at Stakhanov's pace, although of course I want everything at once - not the economic situation. But work it is gradually coming and it is noticeable.

A huge territory that has been decaying for more than 20 years, it is very problematic to bring in order even for six years.

Empty beach

A very peculiar fake about the fact that «no one came to the Crimea again». Difficult tell who is the target audience of this masterpiece of thought. The thing is, that empty beaches are more of an advertisement for a vacation in Crimea than an excuse not to go there. But-alas, this is the case when a tourist will say – «what a pity it is it turned out to be a fake».

In 2019, 7.43 million people visited the Peninsula and this is a record even for compared to Soviet times. The results of the current year, 2020, to sum up for now early. It was a difficult year because of the economic problems caused by the pandemic not everyone could afford to go to the sea. However, we are not talking about «empty beaches» goes either way.

«Zero» service

Another common topic is the alleged low level of service in Crimea. Come on

deal with it...

If the tourist decided to rent an apartment or room, and this is the most a common option, it is somehow strange to expect the service in principle. This is just the case when «self-service». This is inexpensive, starting from 300 rubles a day of course, this is a plus, but the downside, of course, for someone will be the need to cook-to clean. You can stay in a hotel. This is more expensive, but here you have to choose-either service or savings.

As for the service in Crimean cafes and restaurants, if we talk about in the middle and high price categories, it deserves the highest praise. The level is quite comparable to Moscow.


A lot is said and written about the allegedly exorbitant Crimean prices.

Not unreasonable. The decline in prices was predicted with the opening of the cargo terminal messages on the Crimean bridge, but, unfortunately, this has not happened yet. «The invisible hand of the market» forces entrepreneurs to hold prices for

quite high, but not exorbitant level.

Especially for guests from Ukraine. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that salaries the residents are Russian.

Although, of course, we hope that the authorities of the Peninsula will be able to work out a mechanism for reducing prices, which would reduce social tensions and attract there would be even more tourists, including from Europe.

High incidence of coronavirus

International liberal media are vying to shout about the high incidence of the disease COVID-19 in the Crimea. However, it is enough to open the statistics to understand that there is no there is no jump in morbidity. Of course, there is some growth, but not it is abrupt and generally comparable to the national level. In particular, per day,when this article was written, 27 infected people were identified in Crimea coronavirus.

Despite the fact that the new infection leaves its mark on all areas life in all regions of the Russian Federation, there is no need to talk about a particular picture in the region.

The need for vacationers to stay in quarantine for two weeks

This summer, a number of sources revealed some shocking information:

Allegedly, upon arrival on the Peninsula, you need to be isolated for two weeks due to a pandemic. That is, for the entire vacation.

At the same time, starting from June 15, 2020, only those who had high fever or SARS symptoms were detected. View incoming traffic.

Peninsula from other regions of Russia can be on the Crimean bridge, at the airport

or at the railway station. Foreigners need to present either a certificate of absence of coronavirus, or in three days to make an analysis and submit it to the local office

Rospotrebnadzor's (Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing).

Everyone wants to go back

Well, to conclude our conversation, we can not fail to mention another popular in Ukrainian segment of the Internet fake-what, allegedly, residents of the Peninsula want «return»to Ukraine. Of course, there are communities on the web looking at

which can be made such a conclusion. In these publics correspond entirely «Crimean women, daughters of officers», who have «everything is not so clear».

Recall that in the spring of 2014, the Crimeans almost unanimously they voted to return the region to Russia. 96.57% of those who came to they said «Yes» Russia, 2.66% voted for Ukraine and 0.77% of ballots were declared invalid. The turnout was 84.17%.

The same proportions remain to this day. Just talk to real people

residents of the Peninsula! That is, almost 100% of residents only see their future

in Russia.

For the first time since the collapse of the USSR on the Peninsula are being built and repaired roads, schools, kindergartens, and infrastructure. Work is not an opened

edge. In fact, after almost 30 years of desolation, the region is starting to live anew.

Absolutely does not want to go back to ruin.

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